Fall is upon us, which means your annual professional roof inspection is due! If this comes as a surprise, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Generally, most homeowners won’t call in a professional unless a house has sustained visible damage like water leaks or a tree falling during a storm. The truth is, it’s best to have your roof professionally inspected once a year, every spring or fall. This is on top of incidents involving hail, high winds, or other severe weather. If a professional finds an issue, it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.   The question is, what exactly does a professional roof inspection entail? There are several checks professionals perform that are sometimes easier to spot. In addition to the elements we’ve covered before, here are a few more boxes we’ll check when we evaluate the condition of your roof.  

Ventilation and Insulation

  Poor ventilation can cause your roof to overheat, eventually damaging the shingles themselves. While damaged shingles are easy enough to address, waiting too long to fix the ventilation could cause a premature roof replacement.    Good insulation throughout your home is extremely important for the months that require air conditioning and heating. It helps keep the temperature comfortable without raising those electric and gas bills.   

Condition of the Roof Decking

  Roof decking (or roof sheathing) is the wooden boards that make up the framing of your roof. These boards are what your shingles and other roofing components are installed on top of. There are two types of wood roof decking: plank and sheet. Since this section is what supports the weight of your shingles, it’s crucial to check the condition. If there’s damage or rotting to the decking, it needs immediate replacement. Otherwise, it can lead to serious problems such as extensive leaks, broken and missing shingles, mold, mildew, and general roof instability.    Don’t have a wooden roof? Don’t worry! USA Homes will be happy to inspect and repair numerous roofing materials and designs, including metal, tile, flat, and more.  

Full Exterior Inspection

  In addition to the decking inspection, a professional inspector will look for ice dams and check all flashing. The flashing is a flat, thin piece of metal used to help waterproof the perimeter and protrusions of roofing systems. Checking the flashing includes looking at the valleys, dormers, eaves, side walls, and rakes. They’ll also inspect the chimney for damage or wear and tear.   Before the winter, it’s also imperative to clean leaves from the gutters, check for exposed nails, and the condition of the pipes and plumbing. Many insurance companies do not cover water damage due to frozen or ill-maintained pipes.   

Call Now for Your Free Inspection

  We understand that roof maintenance can be stressful, and there’s a lot to remember when it comes to owning a home. When a reputable company completes an inspection, the inspector will provide a detailed report outlining their processes and findings. This information will inform you of the current condition of your roof and how the inspector came to their conclusions.    With over 20 years in the business, USA Roofing and Exteriors will guide you step by step through inspecting and repairing your roof. Call now to schedule your appointment.